Chevy Campaign

This critique was created for a campaign that my classmates and I worked on for my capstone class at UNL. For this critique we got to work with Chevrolet to find out how we could best market their product, the Chevy Cruze. We went about this by analyzing the situation, doing our research, finding our target audience, doing a SWOT analysis, figuring out our objectives, writing a briefing on our creative position and proposition, and introducing our positioning statement. I was put in charge of writing this critique, so I took the liberty to give it a little life with design. I gave it a quiet, clean design because the work itself is a simple highlight our findings and summary of our beginning game plan for how we will proceed.

The campaign as a whole was a team effort, while the this campaign critique write-up and design, as well as the planbook design, the creative brief, and the social media ad designs were a few of my contributions as the ‘Art Director’. It was a great project, during which we worked with Chevrolet to put on live events on campus, made a video commercial, and held a competition against UNO to see which campaign met their companies needs the most.